Building Community

“Our purpose is to practice and facilitate the community building process first described by M. Scott Peck”


About the Process

We offer individuals and organisations the opportunity to experience building community using the M Scott Peck model.

Everywhere, there is hostility, injustice and lack of connection.

Imagine finding a way through which conflict can be resolved gracefully, tasks accomplished in harmony and where we can feel deeply connected.

Building community offers a way of relating in groups and in individual relationships that enables us to transcend difference, communicate with authenticity and work together effectively to meet mutually agreed goals.

When we are in community with each other, we can experience deep peace and grow in compassion.

This model of building community can best be learnt by experiencing the process in a group or workshop. It has been introduced in the UK, USA and Europe as well as other parts of the world, to individuals, organisations, businesses and intentional communities.

M Scott Peck is known for his bestseller The Road Less Travelled and wrote two books about building community, The Different Drum and A World Waiting To Be Born.

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