2-Day CBE at Douai Abbey in September

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Building Community invite you to a 2-day Community Building Experience at Douai Abbey on 1-3 September 2023.

Imagine finding a way in which conflict can be resolved gracefully, tasks accomplished in harmony and where we can feel deeply connected…..

The model of community building described by M Scott Peck and practiced by Building Community offers a way of relating in groups and in individual relationships that enables us to transcend difference, communicate with authenticity and work together effectively to meet mutually agreed goals. It is also an excellent path of self-discovery.

This experiential workshop will be based on the classic CBE originated by M Scott Peck and is open to both newcomers to the process as well as those who have previous experience.

The workshop will start on the Friday evening after dinner with a short introductory session and end on the Sunday afternoon. It will be necessary to commit to attending the workshop in full, which includes the Friday evening session.

Please request a booking form and address all other enquiries about the workshop to info@buildingcommunity.co.uk

Please use the booking form to book for the workshop, book a room in the Guesthouse of Douai Abbey and to book meals during the workshop if staying offsite. Participants staying offsite will need to arrange their own accommodation nearby. We very much hope that all participants will eat together at Douai Abbey. For pictures and information about the venue only, please see the Douai Abbey website below.

The event fee for the 2-day Community Building Experience will be £96 to cover Building Community expenses. The separate cost of accommodation in the Guesthouse will be £180 for the two days including all food and refreshments. For participants staying offsite, lunches will cost £12 per meal and breakfast and dinner cost £8 per meal.

We may be able to offer a very limited number of bursaries, funded by Building Community, to cover some of the event fee but not accommodation or meals, for those who would otherwise not be able to attend the workshop and we also invite contributions towards bursaries from those able to pay more.

Please explore our website for more information about the community building process and our events.