A First Step in Community Building

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Online Community Building Taster Workshop, October 17th 2020               (only a few places left)

I had never heard or attended taster sessions, I think that they are ideal gentle steps to introduce people into building community’

‘This was an experience in many ways new to me and one that I found useful and insightful. It was amazing how much support just being with others provides for all involved and we covered a lot of ground in a short space of time: I’ve been thinking about the four stages of community since and will continue to do so’ 

Although the workshop was not what I was expecting (I am not sure what I was expecting!) I thoroughly enjoyed it and the activities really resonated with me both personally and professionally’

Thank you so much for offering me the opportunity to take part in the workshop. It was really thought provoking and I’d love to learn more. Please do pass on my thanks to the facilitators too’

These are thoughts from some of the 16 participants who attended a Taster Workshop in Manchester. This included a short introduction to the four stages of community building and to useful principles and guidelines, two short experiential sessions and a reflective summary by the facilitators. It was followed by an informal Q and A.

For more information and to book for our one-day Online Taster Workshop on October 17th, please message us on our Sign Up or Message Us page or email us on :