Guidelines for Building community

The following are a version of the guidelines used in our workshops. They are used both as a means of building community and as an experiential way of learning what helps and what does not. In a workshop, the facilitators will explain the guidelines in detail, monitor the group process and if necessary, give feedback on what is happening and what may need to happen.

Own what you say by: –

speaking your name

speaking personally and specifically

using ‘I’ statements

. . . . . . . . . .

Speak when moved to speak and not when not moved

Include and do not exclude self and others

Be present, participation may be verbal or non-verbal

Voice displeasure to the whole group

Show up on time

Take responsibility for your part in the process

Respect confidentiality

Stay from beginning to end

M. Scott Peck’s books, The Different Drum and A World Waiting to be Born explain more about building community and are a good preparation for a workshop.

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